Writing Tip: He Who Reads Writes Well

Writing Tip: He Who Reads Writes Well

boy reads

Are you someone who reads?

If you aren’t reading, don’t expect your writing to improve. You know the cliche: garbage in, garbage out. Be one who reads.

My students and clients often ask for the best thing can do to help the writing. It is simple: read.

Read the best books you can. While we all love to read silly things — mind candy as some say — read challenging piece as well. Read them quietly. Read them aloud. Listen to a great audio version. Let it all soak in.

What will improve? Vocabulary, rhythm, syntax, concepts, grammar, and, pretty much every other aspect of writing.

Read daily. Make it a part of life. If you aren’t naturally a reader, start with five minutes a day. Yes, just five. If the book is any good, I guarantee you’ll read longer. And, like any fitness campaign, your mind with be shape to read faster, longer, and stronger.

I’d love to help you read. Let’s start a book club.