Book Club Leader

Book Club Leader

Let me lead your book club. I’ll help enliven your group for one book or a full series.   Learn about a book or author and have fun with your friends. This won’t be an ordinary book club.  Contact me for details.

Did you know one reason book clubs don’t succeed is a lack of leadership? Another is that leader lacks the time to prepare. I’ll bring both to your living room.

How It Works

  • You supply the people and the place. This can be your living room, a cafe, church, or library.
  • You supply the book or booklist. Give me time to prep.

What I’ll Do

  • I can help choose the book.
  • The leader and I will sort ground rules for the group.
  • I’ll develop questions.

My Recommendations

  • Two hours once a month is great. This keeps things friendly, but moving along.
  • 5-20 people. Fewer than that and there’s not enough to get into a book. If there’s too many, then it turns into more of a class.