Home School Tutoring

Home School Tutoring

Homeschooling is growing. School districts are realizing the benefits that dedicated parents bring to their children’s education. Home school tutoring has developed and diversified. Specialized courses now exist previously undreamed of — subjects such as American sign language, physics, and higher mathematics.

Everything offered here to private and public school students is available to home school students as well. Parents are the lead — but I will bring my expertise to help your families.

Classes, one-on-one help, and all variations therein. Home education people with complex, global needs, please see Upscale Tutoring.


Can you coordinate and host a class of three to six students? You’ll get 50% off of one student’s monthly cost. Contact me to learn more.

My Background

I have helped judge regional speech tournaments for the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association. I love what homeschooling can do. Before I moved from Wheaton, IL, I saw great parents raise great children because of their full commitment to a complete education.

Myself, I wasn’t home schooled, but I grew up with parents who got it. My mom, also a writer, actively taught me to read and write. She ran the “Picture Lady” program in my school district. That entailed her and other moms introducing great paintings to grades 1-6. It also entailed her bringing me along with her monthly to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Independent, on-going learning matters to me. One benefit of my work as a tutor and as a writer is I am constantly learning. I know this matters to all good parents. I don’t teach to the test but I do lead students to know the fundamentals of what makes great writing and great writers.