Who Are My Students?

My students are extraordinary: You are curious and well-read. While you may still be in middle school, you’ve found words fascinate you. Or you are in high school and discovered a love of deeper things through great stories.

Or, you are in business but want more than the “white wine book club.” You want a guided tour though excellent writing. You might be an accountant who wanted to be an English major. Or, you were that English major but wound up in project management and want to explore writing again.

Be Well-Rounded

Being well-rounded matters to you. You know that having a better-than-average knowledge of the classics will help no matter what you do in life. And you know leaders who write and communicate confidently can change the world.

Note: Parents, this isn’t a remedial reading program. This is for the student ready to be engaged in writing and/or literature. They needn’t be future professors, but if they are struggling as readers, please talk to your student’s teacher for recommendations.

Let’s do this!