Upscale Tutoring

This is for the unique client who travels or otherwise has a complex learning situation. You live in an affluent context and want the best for your children. Upscale tutoring is important to you.


  • You have homes in several cities and staff to help at each. One of those homes is in Atlanta.
  • You want your children to learn from top teachers in each, with the kind of flexibility not found in standard schools. As you homeschool, your approach is different, and with that, tutoring is different. Home education can deliver amazing results. Do it well.
  • You expect discretion in all regards, with an NDA to back it up.


  • My background in international communications has afforded me insight to a global perspective. I’ve traveled, with significant time spent in Hungary.
  • I can develop a curriculum specific to your children. They will learn to read thoughtfully, write persuasively, and communicate intelligently. 
  • I am happy to creatively approach all learning.
  • As a tutor serves also as a role model, know that I live healthy, carefully, and without any indulgence.

Rates and Arrangements

We will discuss options when we talk.