Virtual Tutoring – COVID-19

Virtual Tutoring

Save money with Virtual Tutoring. We’re giving a special, amazingly low “COVID-19″ rate.

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Virtual tutoring isn’t new, but in these days of COVID-19, the coronavirus, life has become complicated. We get it. We also know that the tutoring you enjoyed in-person is no longer available. We can help. With Virtual Tutoring, we’re able to meet online.

  • 1-6 Students
  • Sign-up for one week at a time
  • 1-5 times a week
  • 1-3 hours a day
  • 100% customized for your needs
  • Less expensive than other Gwinnett County tutoring companies

You’ll learn a lot in a short time.

  • We’ll write fiction, poetry and essays.
  • We can do critiques and group editing.
  • We’ll examine great fiction, from Hawthorne to Harper Lee.
  • We’ll devour incredible poetry, from Poe to Sandburg.
  • We’ll practice public speaking the way real speakers deliver.
  • We’ll work on vocabulary. This is a great time to learn great words.