Tutor Anthony Trendl

Who We Are

Writers and Teachers

  • Anthony Trendl is the principal of Literature Tutor based in Suwanee, Georgia
  • Steven Knoerr serves students in far west suburbs of Chicago near Hoffman Estates and Huntley, Illinois.

We love the written word. Our favorite pastime is getting lost in a novel or excellent short story, or working on our own tale.

Our teaching style is through intense dialogue. Students are encouraged to have opinions while remaining respectful as they discuss.

Students are expected to be prepared. They’ll be assigned reading prior to our meeting. They’ll be expected to aggressively read in order to make the most of our time.

Our enthusiasm to search and learn is infectious. Students will enjoy our highly energetic curiosity, and will find themselves wanting to know more. They’ll learn the lines between the lines to better understand the culture and character of any written piece.

We know the ACT and SAT is important and is more than happy to develop a plan based on forthcoming courses. Contact us ahead of time.

No grades are given. There is continual feedback, helping the student know what kind of progress is being made.


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We’re Still Learning.

We’re enthusiastic about all things writing. Like you, we’re still learning. There are books we haven’t read, tales we haven’t written, and things overall we haven’t learned. Let’s learn together.