About Literature Tutor

Literature tutor Anthony Trendl has taught American fiction, speech writing, exposition writing, fiction and poetry, in addition to an earlier career as a director of corporate communications.


He loves teaching, preferring the small group and one-on-one setting. It offers an opportunity to dig deep into the books, poems, and stories. It allows budding writers to try things not possible in a “write for the test” atmosphere.

Anthony Trendl, literature tutor

Why Anthony Trendl

Mr. Trendl is a writer’s-writer. This means this is what he does. This is what he loves professionally and personally. His background is American literature and creative writing, and he continues his voracious reading today. That love of great writing shines through.

He runs a boutique speech writing and executive communications consulting firm, American Speechwriter. His work has been delivered by Olympic athletes, billionaire philanthropists, Fortune 500 CEOs and world leaders across the globe.  You may have heard his speeches at Harvard, Princeton, and UCLA.

Prior to his firm, he managed internal and external global communications for divisions and departments of place like Aetna and Aon Hewitt.