The fundamental question of why something is considered classic fiction often falls into “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There’s certainly truth to that, but there are elements we can analyze.

There will be moments when together we read a seemingly simple tale and go, “Ah ha! That’s how we did that!”

We’ll learn why authors did what they did. We’ll see that excellence was not an accident, that the writers wrote with a plan. Also, we’ll see how we can do what they did. Accomplishing excellence is within our reach.

  • Why does the story begin in the middle of the action?
  • What techniques did he use to build mood?
  • How are the subplots necessary?
  • What are other possible, plausible endings are there for a given tale?
  • What are the historical and sociological influences to the plot (all fiction has context)?
  • There is a lot more where those came from, but, as you can see, we’ll dig deep into every corner of a good story.

Let’s Learn!